Brag Board

First Place

Best of the Best: “Best Wings”August 2011, MPLS St. Paul Mag

Best of the Best: “Best Burger”August 2011, MPLS St. Paul Mag

“10 Best Burgers in the USA”October 2010, USA Today

Ruling: “Best Juicy & Wings”March 2010 Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas

Readers Poll Results: “Best Burgers”2010, MPLS St. Paul Mag

“Best Place for Burgers”2010, Metro Magazine

“Best Neighborhood Spot”2009, Minnesota Monthly

“Best Burgers in Minnesota”July 2008, Minnesota Monthly

“Winner Battle of the Burgers” “Winner Happiest Hour” 2008, City Pages

“Best Fries” “Best Burger”2007, MPLS St. Paul Mag 2007 Feature in

“Treasures of Minnesota”Publication


The Nook in the Spotlight:

In 2008, The Nook was featured in “The National Spotlight on Food” on the Food Network show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” Guy Fieri, host of the show, said, “The Nook is off the hook!”

Guy revisited The Nook on 12-12-11

Babs gives The Nook a stamp of approval!

“I had the best Juicy Lucy I’ve ever had at Casper & Runyon’s Nook on Hamline Ave. in St. Paul.” – Barbra Streisand at her Oct 24, 2006 concert at Xcel Energy Center

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